Just a little background...CHC was started in early 2019 with Chris Orwig and Bill Ewing.
 About Bill...I can't say enough about Bill Ewing, he helped with equipment, sound, mixing and just gave a lot of general knowledge to get this monster off the ground and just a great support. He also gave permission to use the song 'Quicksand' from his former band The Fat Sparrows, which is our Intro and Exit music.

About Chris...nothing to say about him.
Episodes 1 thru 14 are with Donnie, Chris and Bill. We are very fond of some of those episodes, esp. the Asha Degree case.

Today at CHC...Donnie and Dale are life-long friends and they have teamed up in the Crack House to deliver true crime, unsolved and mysterious cases. We will also  not 'sell out' loyalty or moral values for downloads.

We want everyone to....
Be safe,
Be careful
Be aware of your surroundings..

because the next episode could be about you.